BEAR BRAND Gives TIBAY to Kids of Sibul

BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink (PMD) levels up the activation of its long-running Laki sa Gatas (LSG) Nutrition Education Program by making an endowment of upcycled school chairs to the host school and thus leaving a physical reminder of the “Tibay” that BEAR BRAND PMD gives children who take it regularly.

Made of used BEAR BRAND PMD foil packs, the chairs are called upcycled instead of recycled. Upcycling is the process of transforming waste materials into better quality items.

The brand launched this new feature of the LSG program during its activation at the Sibul Elementary School in San Miguel, Bulacan on December 4. A total of 150 upcycled school chairs were delivered and gifted to the school as part of the Laki sa Gatas program, with DHNS Business Executive Manager Jojo dela Cruz presenting the endowment to School Principal Ricardo Giron in the presence of Dr. Ma. Nina Avendaño, DepEd District Superintendent of San Miguel, Bulacan. The chairs can seat 300 school children and fill seven classrooms.

DHNS BEM Jojo dela Cruz and School Principal Ricardo Giron carrying the upcycled school chairs.


The brand intends to give more of these upcycled Tibay School Chairs to selected elementary schools around the Philippines as LSG continues its run. This is in line with the brand’s commitment to support kids in achieving their ambitions in life, believing that “ang batang laki sa Tibay, may mararating sa buhay.”

The choice of Sibul Elementary School as the first to receive the chairs coincided with BEAR BRAND PMD’s desire to go back to San Miguel, Bulacan to visit the Donceras family, the inspiration for the “Tibay ng Pinoy” TV commercial released by BEAR BRAND PMD back in May 2015. The TVC was inspired by the struggles of this family, which showed the Donceras children beginning their day at 4am to cross a makeshift bridge hanging over a river with their school bags in tow, supported by their father and two half-inch steel cables. After crossing the bridge, they would then walk uphill over a distance of 2.1 km through a rocky trail all the way to Sibul Elementary School. In the afternoon, they would repeat this grueling trip to get back home.

The Nestlé team visiting the Donceras family

The determination of the Donceras family to take on these challenges proved to be an inspiration to millions of Filipinos. Viewers were simply touched by the real-life story of the Donceras father having to traverse the unstable hanging bridge day in and day out to bridge the gap between poverty and education and thus give his children a bright future. Ultimately, the desire of parents to defy the odds and provide for their loved ones is at the core of being Filipino. This “Tibay Ng Pinoy” TVC went viral on social media, garnering more than 29,785,111 impressions on YouTube to date.


Laki sa Gatas is BEAR BRAND PMD’s Nutrition Education Program that has been running for nine years and counting. Since 2006, LSG has reached more than 12,000 elementary schools all over the Philippines and has interacted with more than 143,000 teachers, 2.5 million parents, and 3.7 million students. It is the brand’s advocacy to help school children achieve their ambitions in life by informing and educating them, their parents, and their teachers about the importance of maintaining proper nutrition and replenishing the lost micronutrients in the body by drinking the Mas Pinatibay na Gatas BEAR BRAND PMD daily. Through LSG, the children and adults alike are able to learn about nutrition through an educational lecture, exciting games, interactive activities, creative storytelling, and a film viewing session.