Nestlé Philippines Wins Advertiser of the Year Araw Award

Dec 7, 2011
Nestle Philippines Wins Advertiser of the Year Araw Award


Celebrating its centennial year, Nestlé Philippines, Inc. (NPI) recently received the Philippine advertising industry’s top honors, the ARAW Advertiser of the Year Award, which is given to the participating company with the most number of wins across all categories of the competition.

Held every two years, the ARAW Awards, which recognize advertising creativity and effectiveness, are the most coveted in the country. Regarded by many as the "Oscars" or the "Cannes Awards" of local creative competitions, the 2011 Araw Awards served as the culminating event of the recently held 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress at the CWC Convention Center in Camarines Sur.

In winning the Grand Award as Advertiser of the Year, Nestlé Philippines harvested a total of five Gold, ten Silver and 13 Bronze ARAW Awards, including Brand Advertisement wins.

The performance of Nestlé Philippines was boosted by its Kasambuhay, Habambuhay Centennial Anthology of ten short films, as well as its Centennial TV commercial and brand advertising campaigns which have been praised by consumers and industry observers alike.

"We’re deeply honoured to be recognized by the advertising industry as the ‘Advertiser of the Year’ during our year-long celebration of the Centennial of Nestlé Philippines," said NPI Director of Communications Sandra Puno, "and this recognition of the value of our work is likewise a recognition of the excellent work of our directors, various creative talents in the industry, and partner agencies, Zenith Optimedia and Publicis Manila.

"Ms. Puno stressed that the company’s advertising efforts are inspired by consumers and their families, and that Nestlé strives to uphold positive social values that are indispensable to nation-building.

"The award is a great honour for Nestlé Philippines. Our mission is to continue to nurture future generations of Filipino families and to contribute to the development of a strong and prosperous nation. This is a mission we have pursued in the last 100 years. Our advertising is dedicated to supporting the accomplishment of that mission," Nestlé Philippines Chairman & CEO John Miller said.