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Mentorship Program Transforms Interns to Leaders


Some 15 students from different universities on Metro Manila and five MBA students from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) underwent the second run of the Nestlé Interns to Leaders program, a two-month internship course aimed at training high-caliber students in transformative leadership business.

This year’s trainees were divided into two groups. The university students chosen from over 300 applicants were grouped as the Intermediate batch. On the other hand, the AIM MBA students, who had four to five years of work experience, were placed in the advanced track. Both groups went through the program from June to July, during which they were exposed to the daily operations of Nestlé and faced real business situations, under the mentorship of Company executives.

At the heart of their internship was the immersion in the Company’s Creating Shared Value initiatives, especially since they were each required to think of possible CSV projects and present their ideas at the end of the training stint.

Two participants from the Intermediate class received awards for coming up with the best CSV project ideas—Joshua Cruz and Allana Liao. Joshua proposed a project called Kaakibat sa Kinabukasan, which involves awarding top-performing salesman of each district with an education scholarship package for his or her dependents. Allana suggested a fund-raising activity in support of the NESTEA Love this Beach project, where the proceeds from the NESTEA pitcher sales are to be used to purchase a beach-cleaning machine.

Ranking 1st in the Advanced class of MBA students was Melissa Sua’s proposed CSV project of recycling used KIT KAT wrappers into concrete material for making KIT KAT Break benches, recharging benches with solar panels, waste segregation benches, and benches with plants that help clear up toxins from the air.

The HR Talent Acquisition team regularly touched base with the interns during the two-month mentorship program, visiting them once a month to check on how they were doing, ask about the challenges they were encountering, and get feedback on their over-all learning experience.