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Nestle celebrated people with disabilities month

Understanding #ThisAbility

MAO’s First NesTalk Tackles Disability

In celebration of the Persons with Disability (PWD) Month in July, and as Nestlé continues to evolve into becoming more diverse and inclusive, the Company once again collaborated with the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) recently in conducting a learning session on disability.

Titled Understanding #ThisAbility, the session was the pilot run of the newly launched NesTalk, a platform for sharing powerful stories and ideas among Nestlé employees that is meant to be a channel for learning, engagement, and inspiration. This firstever NesTalk helped raise awareness and understanding on the needs and potential of PWDs. In the audience were a mix of MAO and Wyeth employees.

Opening the afternoon’s session was Country Business Manager for CPW and Market Gender Balance Champion Tina Samaco, who has willingly accepted to expand her role to cover other diversities.

The main guest speaker was Jose Sales, founder of the Philippine Federation of the Deaf and himself a deaf person, who came with his wife (also deaf ) and their son to share their inspiring story and how they managed to raise a wonderful family. Also present was Randy Calsena of NCDA, who also served as the official sign language interpreter for the session.

Jose kept his audience enthralled as he related the unfortunate incident that caused the loss of his hearing and shared the inspiring story of how he overcame the challenges of his physical condition to get to where he is now. He and his wife also engaged their audience in some basic sign language lessons.

Today, Jose is a leading advocate for the needs and culture of the deaf, ensuring that their rights are upheld. He is at the forefront of the Philippines’ long journey ahead in introducing and establishing sign language in the education system to provide a good learning scheme for the deaf and help them become productive citizens of the nation.

HR Executive for OD&D Filbert Tiu closed the session by sharing the PWD initiatives of the Company. These include an upcoming Search & Spin benchmarking session with ANZ Philippines, the 2015 Apolinario Mabini Employer of the Year Awardee for Diversity & Inclusion.

“Nestlé is one with Jose and the NCDA in driving diversity and inclusion in the country,” said Filbert. “We have assessed the PWD-friendliness of our facilities and workplace and we are now set to making improvements to ensure accessibility for PWDs. It is ultimately our hope to be able to ensure full readiness of our workplace and workforce to welcome PWDs and cultivate a highly engaged and inclusive culture in Nestlé.”