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About CSV

What is CSV?

In line with its mission of nurturing generations of Filipinos and contributing to nation building, Nestle Philippines stands firmly committed to the global Nestle business strategy of Creating Shared Value (CSV).

CSV means Nestle intertwines its business activities with initiatives that promote the welfare of society. While its prime business is to make and market food and beverage products, it does so with conscious efforts to use resources efficiently across the value chain and contribute to the society’s economic and social development.




Nestle Philippines CSV Commitments

Awareness of the symbiotic relationship drives Nestle to tackle social issues that intersect with our business, especially in areas where we know we are best equipped to make a positive difference. As a leading Nutrition, Health, and Wellness company, we focus our CSV efforts on three strategic areas:

Improve consumers’ understanding of nutrition, create access to nutritious food, encourage healthy habits, and promote an active lifestyle.

Advocate sustainable water consumption and encourage environmental sustainability.

Support farmers in rural areas in the production of raw material and encourage livelihood in rural areas.