Creating Shared Value at Nestlé

Creating Shared Value has always been the core of who we are at Nestlé.

Creating Shared Value played an integral role at the inception of our company. Influenced by the high infant mortality rate in mid 19th century Switzerland, our founder, Henri Nestlé, developed the first cereal milk. His invention enabled him to save the life of his neighbor’s child.

From that single product, he founded what was to become the largest food and beverage company in the world.

Today, more than 140 years later, Nestlé creates value through its basic business activity not only for its shareholders but also for the societies in which it operates. We make long-term investments that benefit both our business and our public because we recognize the inherent interdependence of both.

We call this Creating Shared Value (CSV).

Creating Shared Value means making a positive impact upon the quality of life of the communities we serve; our employees and their families; and our suppliers while also giving value back to our shareholders. We Create Shared Value in three key areas: Nutrition, Water and Rural Development.

At Nestlé Philippines:

  • We strive to make nutritious foods and beverages more accessible and affordable to Filipinos while informing them about the importance of proper nutrition, health and wellness
  • We help coffee farmers improve their yields while providing barangays with livelihood skills and other opportunities
  • We reduce, reuse and recycle our resources, optimizing both water and energy usage in our factories. Nestlé Philippines is committed to constantly creating shared value among Filipinos through sustainable programs and in so doing to help nurture future generations of Filipino families as we have been doing for the last 99 years.




Chairman & CEO


Nestlé Philippines, Inc.