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CSV Council Philippines


CSV is integrated into the entire Nestle business and is thus the responsibility of each and every employee and not just a single department. The Company has formed a CSV Council, which is composed of representatives from all Business Units and Shared Services Units.  The council was formed in January 2010 under the stewardship of the Corporate Affairs Department.

Tasks of the CSV Council


·       Consolidate, drive, and direct all CSV initiatives of the Company

·       Align CSV activities, measure their success in definite terms, ensure a common understanding of the CSV concept within the Company, and communicate this to employees, stakeholders, and general public

·       Meet regularly to exchange ideas on how to design and monitor local CSV programs. Receive updates on the progress of ongoing programs, cascade learning, and keep abreast with the latest and best practices from other countries

·      Establish partnership with non-government organizations and bilateral aid organizations in order to maximize the impact, scale, and sustainability of the CSV Programs.