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Apr 19, 2019

Nestlé India reconfirms that MAGGI Noodles in India are safe. 

Responding to the recent concerns around lead, Nestlé has conducted extensive, additional tests on over 1,000 batches of MAGGI Noodles at its own accredited labs, complemented by tests on over 600 batches at external laboratories.  All results indicate that MAGGI Noodles are safe and well within the regulatory limits established in India.  Nestlé has shared these results with the Indian authorities, as well as with the broader public online.

Responding to queries from the media, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) also said on Monday, June 8, that based on the food safety tests it conducted, MAGGI instant noodles manufactured in India meet Singapore food safety standards and do not pose risks to consumers.

Despite the MAGGI Noodles being safe, Nestlé India decided on June 5 to take the product off the shelves nationwide in view of recent developments and concerns around the product, which has led to an environment of confusion for the consumer.  Maggi Noodles are expected to be back in the Indian market as soon as the current situation has been clarified.

The trust of our consumers and the safety of our products are the top priorities for Nestlé.

To know more about MAGGI Noodles in India, please click on this link:

Nestlé does not manufacture and sell MAGGI Noodles in the Philippines.  We also do not import MAGGI Noodles from any country.

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