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Nestlé offers free nutrition consultation in 500 stores nationwide

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Mar 08, 2013

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More value in Nestlé Wellness Packs.  In its continuing advocacy to promote nutrition, health and wellness (NHW) among Filipino families through a proper balance of diet and exercise, Nestlé Philippines is offering 44 Nestlé Wellness Value Packs featuring its brands, containing added grams and premiums. Under its “Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé” program, the packs are available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide until the end of March 2013. Leslie Go-Alcantara, Nestlé Corporate Wellness Head, said the Wellness activity seeks to encourage greater consumer awareness of the food choices that can form part of a healthy diet.

As part of its “Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé” program to enhance awareness and lifestyle practices promoting nutrition, health and wellness (NHW) in the country, Nestlé Philippines once again is providing free nutritionconsultation services in 500 supermarkets and other retail outlets nationwide until the end of March 2013.
According to the company’s Corporate Wellness Head, Leslie Go-Alcantara, the nutrition service is Nestlé’s way of providing personalized nutrition advice to consumers, based on their specific nutritional needs and physical assessment.
wellness img2This year’s service is an implementation of Nestlé’s focus of putting food back at the center of wellness. “The formula for wellness is a balance of good nutrition and proper exercise. However, people often become preoccupied more with the exercise aspect, but it’s also very important to be mindful of the food that you eat,” she said.
During the consultation, a registered nutritionist-dietician introduces the consumer to the concept of the “My Wellness Plate,” a practical illustration of how to eat right, based on what her daily plate should look like – half being “glow” foods such as vegetables and fruits; a quarter being “grow” foods, namely proteins; and a quarter being “go” foods or carbohydrates, accompanied by a glass of milk or other beverages.
wellness img3Along with the “My Wellness Plate,” the participant is also reminded about the principle of moderation, variety and balance in the diet. The principle highlights eating the right amount or correct serving sizes of food during a meal (moderation); alternating among different vegetable and fruit as well as protein and carbohydrate sources, or utilizing various cooking methods (variety); and maintaining the recommended proportions among food groups (balance).   
A new feature of the consultation is body fat analysis, not commonly available to consumers, which indicates a person’s body fat percentage that can be linked to health risks and the development of some diseases.
wellness img4Cappingthe session, the nutritionist recommends specific products that a participant can consume, a guide to correct serving sizes, and simple, daily physical activities in which the consumer can engagefor her individual journey towards wellness.
The company has been conducting nutrition consultation in supermarkets and other retail channels since 2006, to date engaging more than six million consumers. This year, some 250 stores nationwide will offer sampling of Nestlé products to complement consultation.

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