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The Giftshop by Nestlé

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Mar 12, 2014

Wherever you are in the world, you can now send your love, cheers and warm thoughts to your loved ones in the Philippines, all in a Nestlé gift box.

Launched in November 2012, the Giftshop is designed with the Pinoy overseas workers in mind. Tapping on the overseas Filipino workers' (OFWs) penchant to send gifts to their loved ones back home, the Giftshop offers a variety of delicious and healthy food and beveragecombinations that are thoughtfully selected and delightfully packaged.

The Giftshop takes off on the beloved OFW tradition of sending balikbayan boxes to their families through strategically bundled gift packs of Nestlé products for virtually any occasion—be it a milestone, a certain season, a deep passion, a specific recipient; for those days that you just feel like giving a gift for no particular reason; for words and thoughts better expressed in gifts.

According to Corporate Business Development Specialist Sarah Abano, the Giftshop is the first dedicated online store in the Food and Beverage industry in the Philippine market. “Among the companies in the industry, Nestlé is very aggressive in tapping the Overseas Filipino market, and we want to fit their lifestyle. They seek a more convenient, faster and more reliable way of sending gifts. Being online also means we give our consumers time and freedom, with the Giftshop open 24/7. We are not limited to OFWs, as well—everyone can visit the Giftshop, giving us global reach; an effective medium to reach Nestlé consumer, wherever they are in the world,” explains Sarah.

Unlike the Company’s previous tie-ups with third party online stores, the Giftshop only carries Nestlé products. “This way, the focus is really on our products. It’s also another way we can maintain affordable pricing for our consumers,” explained Sarah. To serve the orders on the Giftshop, the Company works with an accredited distributor and consolidator, Humabon Distributors, Inc.

The Giftshop currently offers a uniquely personal shopping experience for consumers by providing them with a wide selection of pre-bundled Nestlé products fit for practically every occasion;they can also create their own package. The Giftshop provides choices of twelve elegantly-designed gift boxes for the packaging, satin ribbon colors for the embellishment, and greeting cards with pre-written special messages or a blank card where their own personal message can be written. Additionally, forconsumers who want to save on shipping fee, the Giftshop provides an option of picking up the package from its distributor warehouse.

Since its launch in November 2012, the Giftshop has enjoyed more than 135,000 views, a significant win especially since the website has minimal advertising efforts, maximizing instead the Company’s many brands and their online presence on Facebook.

“We negotiate with the Nestlé Business Units to promote our store through their websites and Facebook fan pages, since the Giftshop can help move our consumers further along the product experience journey in a unique way. Simply put, we provide a channel for the different Brands to sell their products directly to netizens,” sharesSarah.

Currently, the Giftshop is on Facebook with nearly 2,000 likers, a number that will likely increase in the coming months as the Giftshop continues to leverage on the Company’s brands already on Facebook.

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