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Nestlé Healthy Kids and Nestlé Professional together with the LTB Chefs Association – Philippines and Philippine Young Chefs Club led by Chef Fernando Aracama celebrated International Chefs Day with the Grade four students of Ulango Elementary School last December 5, 2016.

International Chefs Day is a global celebration of culinary arts. The theme for this year is Art on a Plate, which raises awareness in children about healthy eating by allowing them to become artistic with their food. Boosting kids to be more creative with vegetables and fruits which, is a great way for them to realize the importance of a balance healthy lifestyle by eating new selections.

The 44 grade four students were given toques and coloring pens for them to personalize their own chef’s hat. The personalized toques moved the students to do well with their hands-on activity where some of them desire also to be a successful chef someday.

Chef Aracama graced the program by having a demonstration first and then encouraged the students after to create their own masterpiece using carrots, cherries, corn, lettuce, pineapple and spinach that feature something special about Christmas – from lanterns to wreaths. The judges picked the best masterpiece per table and selected the overall winner before the students could eat it.

“The interaction is priceless and [to] be able to do it in a place like Batangas, out in the city, is even more rewarding. The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the hands on artistic food activity provided to them.” Chef Aracama shared.

Throughout the event, the students were assessed with their behavior and knowledge toward the ingredients provided to them and how likely they will eat their own masterpiece after the activity. Nestlé Professional Chef Aggie said that she is hoping after this activity, the students are not just inspired, but really challenged to eat more fruits and vegetables daily.

This is the second year the LTB Chefs Association – Philippines has partnered up with Nestlé Healthy Kids and Nestlé Professional to involve more young chef and students in the celebration of International Chefs Day.

The program is driven by Nestlé’s purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

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