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The Nestlé Healthy Kids program aims to teach school children the value of healthy eating habits, balanced nutritious meals, physical activity, food safety, and understanding food labels. Launched in 2012, the program is strategically located in communities close to Nestlé’s operations.


Through the program, teachers are enrolled in a 2-day workshop to enable them to use interactive methods such as games to teach nutrition education to Grade 4 students aged 9-10 across the nation.

Over the course of a quarter, students learn 10 unbranded interactive lessons:

1. Go, Grow, and Glow

2. Go foods – Grains

3. Grow foods – Protein and Dairy

4. Glow foods – Vegetable and Food

5. A Balanced Meal

6. Healthy Breakfast

7. Healthy Baon/ Healthy School Snack

8. Food Safety Habits

9. Good Nutritional Habits – Physical activity and Healthy Hydration

10. How to Read Product Labels


The fun and colorful visual aids used to teach the children are made from strong material so that teachers can use these every year. Parents of the school children and canteen personnel also go through 2 sessions for on the importance of promoting nutrition education at home and in school.

School garden manuals are provided to teachers to ensure access to healthy food in school. The produce from the gardens are used in school feeding programs. For implementation in 2017, Nestlé has signed on to a partnership with East- West Seed Foundation to further expand its school garden training to teachers across the country.

This project reflects Nestlé’s purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.