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Aboutsite - Nestlé Philippines


Nestlé S.A. is committed to transparency of information and communication. We have tried to design and build this site to make it accessible to people using screen readers and assistive technology devices according to the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines 'AA' priority.

We will continue to check our website so that it remains compliant with the WAI Guidelines for AA accessibility. Please contact our webmaster if you have any questions or comments.

Access keys

The following access keys work on this site:

- Access Key 1 - Home page
- Access Key 2 - Help 
- Access Key 3 - Search
- Access Key 4 - Contact
- Access Key 5 - Site Map
- Access Key 6 - Privacy Policy
- Access Key 7 - Terms of use

Nestlé links

External links will take you to other sites within the Nestlé world – not all are accessible, and you should only expect sites carrying this statement to be so.


What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to get information (press releases, news stories) from websites without having to actually visit the website. Literally, the information comes straight to you.

What do I need to be able to read an RSS feed?

You need to either install some software, known as a feedreader or newsreader, on your computer or you can subscribe to RSS feeds through your internet browser.

Browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Opera have this option installed. You can also use websites such as iGoogle to organise your RSS feeds.

Then what should I do?

Once you have set up your feed reader or browser you can subscribe to RSS feeds by right clicking on the orange RSS logo. Once you have right clicked, you need to select 'Copy Shortcut'. You can then paste this information into your feedreader.

You are free to use our RSS feed on your website but we ask you to attribute the source: (c)Nestlé S.A.