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Joining the global call to #BreakTheBias in celebration of 2022 International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Nestlé Philippines joins the global call to #BreakTheBias, putting further emphasis on the organization’s significant progress as the Kasambuhay of Filipino Women by enhancing gender balance in its workforce and empowering women across the entire value chain.

With People as the driving force of its mission to Be a Force for Good, Nestlé intensifies its commitment for its own employees through enablement practices and systems that deliberately puts individual empowerment, regardless of gender, as a corporate priority for Nestlé

International Womens Day

“Pursuing and safeguarding gender equality and inclusivity, and the development and empowerment of women, are of great importance to Nestlé Philippines because it raises the quality of our organization. We are proud of the progress we are making in unlocking the capabilities and talents of women towards enhanced growth and productivity,” said Nestlé PH Human Resources Director Mitzie Antonio.

In 2015, Nestlé globally launched its Gender Acceleration Plan with the main goal of increasing the number of women in the top 200 senior executive positions by 30 percent. Under the plan, the company is implementing policies and programs that prevent gender bias and create opportunities for a diverse workplace.

“At Nestlé Philippines, we continue to invest in efforts that empower our women employees and leaders in the workplace. Key initiatives have been employed to ensure we create an enabling environment for them to thrive in,” added Antonio.

Gender balance and the mindset of inclusivity are embedded in the company’s policies and programs.

In 2021, with over 5,000 employees, Nestlé Philippines achieved a 50-50 gender ratio in its senior leadership and critical positions, even as it enforces gender balance in developing and appointing successors to key posts in the organization for the long term.

Furthermore, Nestlé Philippines conducts an annual equal pay exercise, a proactive measure that ensures that internal pay equity is maintained and is within the pay gap industry threshold.

Reinforcing their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Nestlé employees are trained annually on unconscious bias and sexual harassment prevention. Coaching and mentoring are two of the flagship programs that the company has strengthened over the years to support women leaders as they pursue their career development plans.

A soft-skills training initiative for women in the production lines or shopfloor has been completed in partnership with the Employer’s Confederation of the Philippines and the International Labor Organization.

With its continued commitment to create a gender-inclusive workplace, Nestlé PH has recently won recognition as follows:

  1. Bloomberg Gender Equality Index 2022 for the 4th consecutive year, advancing gender equality in the workplace;
  2. Winner, Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards 2021 (ACES) - One of the Top Workplaces in Asia;
  3. 1st-runner-up, Gender Inclusive Workplace Category 2021 – UN Women’s Empowerment Principles.

In 2022, Nestlé Philippines continues to advance the role of women in the workplace through its sustained commitment to achieve gender balance in key positions and functions, enhanced company policies, and increased organizational awareness through mandatory training to foster d diversity and inclusion.