Take the NESTEA Plunge this Summer


NESTEA Brings Back the PLUNGE!

This summer, NESTEA launches its newest TVC focusing on the value and the undeniably delicious and refreshing taste of NESTEA. Value is highlighted by communicating that for the price of 10 pesos, 5 glasses can be served and 5 people can be refreshed with the invigorating taste of NESTEA in its classic identity, NESTEA Lemon.

The iconic NESTEA Plunge also makes its comeback to amplify the refreshing effect of NESTEA. With its invigorating combination of tea and lemon, every chilled glass of NESTEA creates a refreshing and guiltless drink that everyone in the family can enjoy.

NESTEA truly is the best refreshment for the summer. So what are you waiting for? Take the NESTEA Plunge!