Nestlé turns market day to Wellness Day

The Cainta Public Market, located at the far-east end of Ortigas Avenue, is usually like any other market on a busy weekend morning. But on the weekend of February 12 and 13, moms doing the market buys for the coming week or maybe preparing for something special on Happy Hearts Day were greeted by Nestlé’s Choose Wellness booth. Consumers and market vendors who participated in the free health check-ups brought home some Nestlé products and health tips to help them start their journey to Wellness.

And here’s another good thing to note! This activity is currently running in 150 public markets nationwide. Each run lasts for two consecutive weekends in every venue.

How healthy are you right now? Nestlé’s Choose Wellness booth at Cainta Public Market was packed with people curious about their state of health.

A lot of people signed up or were already waiting in line for their wellness check-up. Don’t worry, signing up is easy. All you need to do is ask for a form and fill it up.

After signing up, a Registered Nurse of Nestlé’s Choose Wellness program will ask you about your medical history.

You may also have your blood pressure taken at the Nestlé’s Choose Wellness program.

Next, the Registered Nurse notes down your weight and height.

Nestlé’s Choose Wellness on-site registered nutritionist-dietitian measures your waist and computes for your Body Mass Index or BMI. This determines if you have the ideal weight for your height.

The registered nutritionist-dietitian will then give you an assessment of your general health and well-being. For example, if you’re at risk for hypertension, she will advise you on how to eat appropriately and other lifestyle adjustments to reduce your risk of related complications.

Nestlé Choose Wellness goodies like hand towels, tumblers, and food containers are up for grabs. To get a chance to win in the Nestlé Choose Wellness Pick-A-Prize promo, all you need to do is purchase P50 worth of Nestlé products.

Everyone who successfully signs up will get to bring home their very own Nestlé Choose Wellness checklists, a simple tool to monitor your state of health and wellness, as well as other areas to improve on.

It’s almost high noon and Nestlé’s Choose Wellness team has already given a lot of health check-ups and tips to shoppers and market vendors at the Cainta Public Market, and they’re not even done yet! By bringing Nestlé’s Choose Wellness program closer to the proverbial “man on the street” or, in this case, “man in the palengke”, Nestlé turned what would have been just another ordinary day in the market into a fun opportunity to Choose Wellness today.