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Safety & Quality are our top priorities

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Apr 19, 2019


The safety and quality of our products and the welfare of our consumers are always the top priorities for Nestlé. We assure our consumers that MAGGI MAGIC SARAP is safe to consume.

Like any food product that is not registered for sale in the US, MAGGI MAGIC SARAP may face restrictions from Customs authorities if the quantity suggests that the product is being brought into the country for re-sale or for commercial purposes.

MAGGI MAGIC SARAP is not associated with any health issues and complies with all food safety, quality and regulatory standards of the Philippine Food & Drug Administration and that of Nestlé.

For 149 years now, Nestlé has been manufacturing and distributing food products to meet the nutritional needs of consumers all over the world.  Throughout our long history, we have never compromised the safety of our products and the integrity of the ingredients from which they are manufactured.

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