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In 1872, Julius Maggi took over his father's mill in Switzerland and created a brand that has become a pioneer in cooking innovations - MAGGI.

In the Philippines, MAGGI has been your partner in promoting the goodness of homemade food. Our wide range of products makes cooking an enjoyable experience, inspiring you to cook food that's delicious and nutritious.

With MAGGI Magic Sarap, seasoning, sauces, bouillons, and sinigang mixes, simple dishes are transformed from good to great. And beacause of this, meals go beyond just taste. They create a huge impact on your family's lives through the nourishment they provide, and the special moments that revolve around them.

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MAGGI Magic Sarap


MAGGI Magic Sinigang Original Sampaloc Mix

MAGGI® Magic Sinigang Original Sampalok Mix 

MAGGI Magic Sinigang Sampalok with Gabi Mix

MAGGI® Magic Sinigang Sampalok with Gabi Mix

MAGGI Oyster Sauce

MAGGI® Oyster Sauce 

MAGGI Savor Classic

MAGGI® Savor Classic 

MAGGI Savor Calamansi

MAGGI® Savor Calamansi 

MAGGI Savor Hot Chili

MAGGI® Savor Hot Chili 

MAGGI Savor Chilimansi

MAGGI® Savor Chilimansi