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We are a people-inspired company. Our people, their strengths, talent and energy are our most important strength. Currently there are around 328,000 employees and we sell products and services in 191 countries.

As the function attracting, developing and engaging more of the exceptional talent that we need to grow our business, HR offers opportunities in three key areas. You could continue your career in HR business partnership helping line managers improve business performance through people. If you’ve proven experience in recruitment, development or another specialist HR area, you’ll join our team devoted to specialism. Or you could join our Centre of Scale, the group that ensures our employees have their essential needs taken care of so they can focus on what they do best.

The best thing about Nestlé as a company is its focus on people. And in my case, its emphasis on people development. In my nine years in Nestlé Business Services, I have taken on five different roles. This says a lot about the different opportunities an employee can take, so long as he/she is willing to do new and exciting roles. Yes, these have been very challenging opportunities, including an international mission assignment to the HQ! But I like that at the end of the day, I can proudly say that these difficult opportunities have contributed to both my career and personal growth.

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