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Nestlé Philippines and CCC launch Klimathon

Nestlé PH and Climate Change Commission’s joint project aims to discover sustainability-focused solutions for the planet, from the youth.

Klimathon with Climate Change Commission

Around the world, the impacts of climate change are already being felt across all sectors. It is evident in the occurrence of more frequent and severe weather events, the rise of sea levels, and the continuous increase in global temperatures, among many others that in turn, threaten many crucial aspects of our lives including food security and biodiversity.

Unfortunately, these effects are only bound to worsen over the next few decades according to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released last August. Human activities that result in greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere are still viewed as one of the main drivers of the climate crisis.

Given the current situation, the need to rethink our development approaches, goes far beyond the horizons, and incorporate sustainability principles in our strategies and plans has never been more urgent. Taking on this challenge and in line with its commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, Nestlé Philippines has partnered with the Climate Change Commission, the agency spearheading the government’s climate change initiatives, for a joint project called Klimathon: Our Race Towards a Net-Zero Reality.

With the goal to amplify messages and actions to address climate change issues, the Klimathon provides a platform for Filipino youth to spur the development of innovative and sustainability-focused solutions. Participants are asked to develop technology innovation and green, sustainability-focused solutions with the following pillars: tackling plastic problems; lowering greenhouse gas emissions; and improving food security.

“With climate change as a key priority, we have in place a whole-of-business approach to source responsibly, transform our operations, and shape a waste-free future. As a company with 110 years of presence in the country, we want to leave our children, yours and mine – and the next generation – a legacy of effectively caring for the planet,” said Kais Marzouki, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines.

“It is imperative to work with all sectors – including the youth – in taking a whole of government and whole of society approach in view of intergenerational responsibility. Their future will be paved by the actions we take today,” said Secretary Emmanuel De Guzman of the Climate Change Commission.

Participating teams of Filipino students and young professionals will each present a project concept paper based on one of the three focus pillars. From there, 10 finalists will undergo a mentorship program with industry and field experts to refine and further develop their project design. Cash prizes and recognition await the winning teams.

Submission of proposals for Klimathon: Our Race Towards a Net-Zero Reality is now open until November 10, 2021. Interested participants can head on over to to view the full competition mechanics and how they can join. You may also check out CCC’s and Nestlé Philippines’ social media pages for more details and updates.