Nestlé Celebrates Its 100th Year in the Philippines

Nestlé Celebrates Its 100th Year in the Philippines - Nestle

Celebrating its centennial in the country this year with the theme Kasambuhay, Habambuhay (Companion in Life, For Life), Nestlé Philippines, Inc. has launched a TV commercial (TVC) that portrays the close relationship it has developed with Filipino families over the years.

“The centennial TVC is inspired by love for the family, a cultural trait which unites Filipinos. We are grateful because through the years, Nestlé products have become very much a part of the Filipino families’ way of life, from generation to generation, in various stages of their lives.

This relationship with the Filipino consumers, anchored on the quality of our brands and the role that these much loved brands have played in helping nurture and nourish Filipino families, is what led us to our centennial theme, Kasambuhay, Habambuhay,” Nestlé Chairman and CEO John Miller said, noting that there is probably no other company which touches the lives of consumers as Nestlé does, with its extensive range of products in the shopping basket and pantry of Filipino families.

The centennial TVC, with the song “Pag-ibig” written and composed by APO Hiking Society member Danny Javier, features an evocative and heartwarming storyline, describing a relationship that begins in childhood, progressing through adolescence, courtship, marriage, starting a home and a family, facing ups and downs together, raising children into adulthood, having grandchildren, and enjoying the senior years. Throughout the entire story, Nestlé and its brands are present as a constant companion.

According to Nestlé Communications Director Sandra Puno, the centennial TVC is the Company’s tribute to Filipino consumers, who welcome Nestlé brands into their lives every day. “It certainly makes us happy and proud that in our 100 years of doing business in the Philippines, we have become the Filipino consumers’ Kasambuhay, Habambuhay,” she said.

For her part, Nestlé Creative Services Executive Leslie Go-Alcantara said the 60-seconder centennial TVC, which was directed by Stephen Ngo, revisits the past and looks forward to the future, while Nestlé brands quietly bear witness to the milestones in the Filipino family’s life.

“Our mission continues into the future as we look forward to the next 100 years. That mission centers on our commitment to nurture generations of Filipino families with tasty products that promote nutrition, health and wellness,” Mr. Miller said.

The centennial TVC, made in collaboration with communication partner Publicis-Manila, is only the first of an exciting line-up of centennial activities that Nestlé will unveil, including a 100-minute anthology of 10 short, entertaining and creative films directed by a select roster of commercial directors who have helmed TV commercials for Nestlé. Each of the short films features a Nestlé brand and showcases the very best of Filipino creative talent in the realm of film-making.