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Through MAGGI’s Sarap Sustansya Caravan program, Nestlé aims to bring proper nutrition education to barangays (communities) across the country. Launched in 2014, the five-day program includes lectures and discussions on proper nutrition and food safety, and equips community leaders with culinary techniques and skills to prepare tasty and nutritious meals for their families.

The number of participants to the program has steadily grown through the years, from the initial 63 participants in two barangays in 2014 to 627 participants in four barangays in 2015, and to 3,135 participants in 72 barangays across five cities in 2016.

In line with Nestlé’s purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, the MAGGI Sarap Sustansya program is expanding its reach to more barangays and households via digital initiatives that seek to make relevant information more readily available to community leaders and thus, further promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for families and the community.